Stand up for animals who cant speak for themselves; email Managing Director of The Kooples regarding their use of animal fur


Click this link and send an email to stand up for animals who cant speak for themselves. 

Angora fur belongs to one of the world’s softest and most delicate creatures, the Angora rabbit. Unfortunately the splendour of this beautiful animal, and its unique fur, makes it a key target for human clothing.

Being bred purely for this purpose, Angora rabbits have been seen trapped in small cages, living only to suffer and be used over and over again for their soft coats, before they die of infection, illness or neglect: and all in the name of vanity and status. Each couple of months, the rabbits are taken from their cages and are roughly shorn, sometimes having the fur ripped from their bodies and leaving them with raw and bleeding skin. After enduring this traumatic experience and fulfilling the purpose that has been forced upon them, they are then shoved back in their cages where they are prone to eye infections, ear infections, debilitating neurological diseases, heat stress and respiratory disease. This is a far cry from the roaming rabbits in their natural habitat.

In a bid to open the eyes of the general public, animal charity PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) have released heart-breaking footage of what really goes on behind closed doors at Chinese factories to score this fashion statement – something stocked by leading fashion brand The Kooples.

Since animals cant stand up for themselves, PETA have been urging people to send an email to Managing Director of The Kooples, an influential fashion brand who to this day are stocking angora, amongst other animal furs, on their shelves. Famous fashion brands such as Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren and Urban Outfitters, are proof that fashion houses don’t need fur to be successful, so why are The Kooples still stocking it?

It is such a sad human trait to take something naturally beautiful and exploit it for profit, so lets call The Kooples Managing Director out on his ignorance, and encourage his brand to stop selling unethical products. With so much information about how these furs are really sourced, there is no option to try to turn a blind eye. Follow the link below to send an email to stand up for the animals who cant speak for themselves, and remind The Kooples Managing Director that an animals life, however big or small, should always be more important than profit.

Click this link and send an email to stand up for animals who cant speak for themselves. 



Help Stop Lead Brands From Financially Supporting Climate Change Denying Congress

disrupt denial

Charities are using #DisruptDenial to gain awareness

Click this link and sign the petition to Help Stop Lead Brands From Financially Supporting Climate Change Denying Congress

Climate change has become almost undeniable in recent years – scientists are 95-99% sure that climate change is a problem caused by humans increasing carbon emission…just like they are 99% sure that smoking is linked to lung cancer. Other statistics show that the 10 hottest days in recorded history have occurred in the past 15 years, which can only be seen as living proof. This, combined with many more tell tale signs, makes it unbelievable that anyone in this day and age is denying climate change is a global issue that needs to be faced. Shockingly, it is the people who we trust to take care of our nations that are trying to sweep the mess that is climate change under a rug; in particular ‘the leaders of the free world’

A shocking report by charities Forecast The Future and SumOfUS has implied that the Republican Party – one of the two main US political parties – hosts a staggering 58% of members who refuse to believe the issue that is climate change. These congressmen have been known to make statements which not only deny that climate change is occurring, but also deny that human consumption of fossil fuels has anything to do with it. This has become the key reason meaningful climate activist legislations is getting shot down. This, in itself, is incredibly disappointing, but what makes it even more devastating is that leading global brands are funding Senators and House Representatives who deny the science of climate change.

It is inconceivable that the highest members and decision makers of each contributing company also deny the climate change facts, so why are they donating millions of pounds towards denying the truth? For some company’s, it would of course reap havoc for their business if huge changes were made to the way we source our energy, and if serious changes were made to reduce our carbon emission; A prime example being Chevron, an oil and gas company who contributed $1,262,463 to these congressmen, no doubt to protect their business and keep profits coming in. Even more baffling, is that some businesses, such as Norfolk Southern Railway who contributed $1,032,610, could profit from stricter climate regulation still want to help stop laws from coming in to place.

Shamelessly, many of the businesses who are supporting the set back on our fight against climate change, are in fact flaunting their efforts to reduce carbon emission, such as cleaning up their own operations and supporting action to address the climate crisis. This has to stop, and what Forecast The Facts is aiming to accomplish, and what you can help achieve, is making businesses think more responsibly when it comes to making political donations to these Congressmen in denial of climate change. They are aiming to have company’s align their policies with their political donations, as well as stop all contributions to deniers. Hopefully, the exposure will make these businesses with clashing ideologies stick with what they are promoting to the public, and hopefully choose to keep supporting methods which reduce climate change.

We only have a few years to make a difference, or we will incur extreme, and irreversible effects. Currently, the world is on track for a climate increase of 9 degrees Fahrenheit, if carbon emission remains as it is. Although it seems small, the effects could be catastrophic. Sea levels will rise due to the melting of Arctic ice caps, extreme weather will occur, and in turn will incur damages costing billions to fix. Although we can all do our bit to reduce the effects of climate change and reduce our carbon footprints, its our countries leaders who should be taking the lead on this movement, and pointing our actions in the right directions. You can help steer influential leading brands in the right direction by following the link and signing the petition, and hopefully encourage a more honest approach to political donations.

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Save Angora Rabbits Being Abused For Fur


Click this link and sign the petition to Save Angora Rabbits Being Abused For Fur

One of the most tragic animal rights violations we are facing today is the use of animals for fur, and one in particular issue is the abuse of Angora rabbits, who are commonly sheared in China, where the people face no penalties for animal abuse and have no standards to regulate the treatment of animals. People have been using animal fur for clothes for many years, and although there is no humane method for obtaining fur (apart from using roadkill), a particularly horrible method is being used regularly in China, and provides us with 90% of the angora fur being sold in other countries.

The PETA Asia team went undercover and discovered the disgusting, unjust treatment Angora rabbits are facing, and captured it in a disturbing and graphic video. They found the innocent rabbits being tethered by their hands and feet to have their fur removed every 3 months, as they scream in pain, frantically trying to escape.

In day to day life, when the rabbits are not facing their horrific purpose, they face a life unfamiliar to the gentle, sensetive creatures. Isolated in small, filthy cages with no solid floor or bedding, many rabbits are paralysed in shock, lying still on the dirty floor. In its natural habitat, a rabbit would live in a clean burrow, enjoying the company of its fellow rabbits and foraging for leafy greens. It’s a far stretch from the unfortunate lives some Angora rabbits face.

PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) are petitioning to the Chinese Government, through China’s ambassador to the US (Cui Tiankai), urging them to refrain from rearing and shearing the live rabbits for fur by encouraging believers in this cause to send a letter. If you agree that no rabbit should face this tragic destiny, please not only leave angora fur out of your wardrobe, but follow the link and send Cui Tiankai a letter objecting the methods they are using to take the fur from rabbits in China(PETA has a pre-made letter on the page, but you can send it in your own words).

Click this link and sign the petition to Save Angora Rabbits Being Abused For Fur


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Save Captive Marine Animals At Seaworld


Blackfish 2 620

Click this link and sign the petition to Save Captive Marine Animals At Seaworld

Since the uprising popularity of the Blackfish documentary which aired in October 2013, the long time issue of cruelly captivated Orca whales and other marine animals is being faced by PETA. For many years, popular marine parks such as the famous SeaWorld have been unethically breeding orca whales to rear and train as circus animals to entertain adults and children for a huge profit. The whales are forced to breed within their SeaWorld home, having their sperm collected by their trainers from an age as young as 9 (5 years younger than they would in the wild), and are even made to breed unnaturally with their own offspring.

The whales live lives that do not compare to that of a whale in its natural habitat.The Alliance of Marine Mammal Parks and Aquariums (AMMPA), whose rules SeaWorld abide by, require that 2 captive orcas must live in a tank of  1918 m3. Although this may seem vast, whales have been known to swim as far as 100 miles a day in the wild, which leaves their tanks looking shamefully small, and the whales are left to go insane, circling the same 4 walls for a lifetime. 

It is not only the Orca whale which is being tortured within the walls of SeaWorld; as it has been proven by the University of Newcastle that the dolphins, which are exploited by the attraction for profit, are made to fraternise with humans, an experience they find disturbing and stressful, and in turn prevents them from resting, feeding or nurturing their young. Despite these clear findings, SeaWorld ignore the health of their dolphins and allow people to exchange money for a chance to swim with, touch and even ride their dolphins at the Discovery Cove location in Florida.

Finally, a tragic incident proved that holding these large marine animals captive is not only harmful to the animals themselves, but also their human trainers. During a live show in February 2010, a trained Orca named Tilikum (which has been captive in SeaWorld for 30 years) proved it had been pushed to the limit when it suddenly pulled its trainer, Dawn Brancheau, underwater and left her for dead. It is ridiculous that we give an animal the nickname ‘Killer Whale’, yet expect it to live a happy, harmless life.

There is no denying the fact that whales, or any large marine animal, should not be kept in such a small space and objectified for human enjoyment, being driven so crazy that they lash out. If you want to help provide these animals with a more natural, comfortable environment, please follow the link and sign the petition. It will request that SeaWorld immediately start making plans to transfer animals such as the orca whale and dolphins to sanctuaries that will more adequately cater to their needs as especially large and sensetive marine animals.

Click this link and sign the petition to Save Captive Marine Animals At Seaworld

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Protect the African Lion from Hunters


Click this link and sign the peition to  Save the African Lion

The IFAW (International Fund for Animal Welfare) are petitioning to protect the lives of the iconic, majestic species, the African lion. Through their petitions, they aimto have this magnificent breed of lions listed as Endangered under the Endangered Species Act (ESA). These lions are indisputably in danger as they face never ending threats of habitat destruction and fragmentation, loss of traditional prey species, disease and inevitable conflict with humans. In the last 3 decades, the African lion population has dropped by 50%, and have disappeared from over 75% of their current habitat. Since the United States is the largest importer of African lion parts, listing them as Endangered in the US would be a significant step in ensuring the long-term survival of this iconic and magnificent species. Are you a fan of one of the worlds favourite felines? Follow the link to sign a petition to help secure their future.

Click this link and sign the peition  to Save the African Lion

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Save The Arctic

Click this link and sign the petition to Save The Arctic

This petition has be set up to do exactly what the title suggests – Save The Arctic.  The charity has been set up to by Greenpeace to save the habitats of some of our favourite animals, and also an area crucial to the well being of our planet, the Arctic. In a nutshell, the Arctic is a polar region located at the northernmost part of the Earth. The Arctic consists of the Arctic Ocean and parts of Canada, Russia, the United States, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, and Iceland. Due to its low human population and unfavourable holiday conditions, it seems people have forgotten how important The Arctic is for the health of our planet. Not only is it the single place on earth inhabitable for some of our favourite wildlife species, such as the polar bear, penguins, seals, and many many more, but we depend on the arctic to keep the earth cool and stabilise weather systems we need to grow food. This cooling is accomplished by the ice at the top of our planet reflecting much of the suns heat back into the atmosphere. Unfortunately, the area of The Arctic covered by ice is reducing at an alarming pace, with as much as three quarters of this floating sea ice melting in the past 30 years, largely due to human interference in the once peaceful arctic.

Some of the problems Save The Arctic is trying to resolve include; Oil Drilling, Industrial Fishing and Conflict.

  • Energy companies such as Shell and BP are looking to make a profit from Oil Drilling in the arctic. Due to the huge amount of ice, Oil Drilling in the arctic is not going to be easy, and there is a huge risk of oil spillage which would be almost impossible to deal with and kill a huge variety of wild life.
  • Local people have fished sustainably in the Arctic for thousands of years, but that could be threatened if we let Industrial Fishing companies exploit the Arctic ocean.
  • The above problems are threatening to cause conflict over the arctic and ruin its long term peace. Arctic states with overlapping claims on the area are speaking of “military threats” and “armed intervention”. In order to maintain the peace, we must ensure that the region remains untouched, and its resources off limits to big business interference. Save The Arctic hopes to do this by campaigning for a global sanctuary and a ban on oil drilling and industrial fishing, as just like in Antarctica, we need an Arctic Ocean dedicated to peace and science

Agree with any of the points made by Save The Arctic? Click the link and sign the petition

Click this link and sign the petition to Save The Arctic

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Stop Climate Chaos


Click this link and sign the petition to Stop Climate Chaos

The most recent endeavour looked upon by the SCCC (Stop Climate Chaos Coalition) is fracking. It has not been the most popular ecological debate going in recent times, but it is an incredibly important one. The choice we make now about how we continue to provide energy to our planet is crucial, and fracking is definitely a crucial factor.  The term is an easier way of saying ‘hydraulic fracturing’, and is basically the process of injecting fracturing fluid at a high pressure down a borehole to create fractures in rock formations, which enables shale gas to be extracted. It is not the process itself which is a main cause for concern,  but its the lack of commitment it shows to investing in renewable sources of energy. Shale gas is essentially the same as natural gas, containing mainly methane, which is very harmful to our climate. In recent times, with a greater need for energy, people have a choice to make between harmful and clean resources. Pursuing a future in shale gas will inevitably cause people to forget the real problem we are facing – that natural gasses are running out and its time to take an approach to renewable resources. ALTHOUGH shale gas does supposedly emit half as much CO2 as coal when producing energy, its still more CO2 than necessary. We should not be ignoring renewable alternatives, and begin transitioning to a low carbon energy system. It’s time for our generation or make a choice, either to continue to burn harmful gasses or take the new, green route and giving renewable energy a chance. This matter is important for us, today, and for many years to come. Future generations need us to stand up for the well-being of the planet. By signing this petition, you can show that you are ready to give renewable resources a chance.

Click this link and sign the petition to Stop Climate Chaos 

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